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ANJI JIXIANG MENDICAL CO.,LTD. which is one ofthe leading professional manufacturers of Medical Dressing in China is located inthe famous "Hometown of Bamboo in China"--- Anji County, Zhejiang Province. We are an exportoriedted company with more than 15 years of export experience.

We specially produce Crepe spandex elastic bandage,plain elastic bandage,Gauze bandage,PBT elastic bandage,Rubber elastic bandage, P.O.P bandage, First Aid Bandage,Tublar  bandage,Stockinet,Tubular net bandage, Cohesive bandage and Tapes,We can offer various Specifications and quality for customer to chaoose. And we can manufacture about 60million rolls one year whiceare mainly exported to Europe,America,Africa,South-East Asia and Australia.Our company has gained IOS13485:2003 international quality system certificate, CE certificate, also has registered in FDA

Our products enjoy good reputation for"Good Elasticity,Perfect Ventilation,Equal Pressure,Obedient Binding up and no easy to slid off".They are helpful for sprain,soft tissue`s damage,parenchyma sprain,joints swelling and so on.They can also be used in bounding small splints,vein expanding ina condition of assisting treatment,fracture,swelling for plaster removing and other symptoms in doctors` direction.

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