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National Health Commission "tube serving" ten key work release!

August 14, "the National Health Commission on the deepening of the" discharge service "to stimulate the reform of the medical field to stimulate the vitality of the notice" (hereinafter referred to as "notice") officially released, "notice" clearly pointed out that the pension agencies will be canceled Set the approval, the implementation of the filing system, at the same time, "notice" also on the field of health care in China's next focus on the work of the deployment:
National health and health ten key work to determine
First, the abolition of pension agencies set up clinics to set the approval, the implementation of filing system. Health care departments at all levels to do the relevant policies to implement the supervision and strengthening of things in the post-regulation, and promote the development of healthy pension services.
Second, the National Health and Health Commission in the existing medical imaging diagnostic center, pathology diagnosis center, hemodialysis center, medical laboratory, peace therapy center and other five independent set of institutions based on the basic standards and management norms, and then set up independent Rehabilitation centers, nursing centers, disinfection supply centers, health examination centers, small and medium-sized ophthalmic hospitals and other institutions of the basic standards and management practices, expand social investment areas, and promote the development of new health services industry.
Third, all levels of health care departments to speed up the medical institutions, doctors and nurses electronic registration management reform process. On July 1, 2017, the provinces started the electronic registration management on the basis of online, the country opened 3715 medical institutions, doctors, nurses registered government service hall all network registration for medical institutions practice registration and physician, nurses practice registration Provide fast and convenient service.
Fourth, to further simplify the medical institutions approval process. On the secondary and below the establishment of medical institutions for approval and practice registration "two cards together" to further simplify the three hospitals set up approval. Health care departments at all levels actively cooperate with relevant departments to establish medical institutions approval work collaboration mechanism to promote the approval of information sharing.
5, the gynecologist practicing certificate and maternal and child health care technology assessment certificate "two cards together." Qualified personnel, in the physician practice certificate plus maternal and child health care services related content.
Sixth, to further enhance the level of opening up the medical field. Foreign medical institutions, companies, enterprises and other economic organizations in the form of joint ventures or cooperative clinics, to relax the proportion of foreign investment equity does not exceed 70% of the restrictions.
Seven, to explore the free trade pilot area approved by the State Council on the social management of medical institutions to deploy B large medical equipment to implement the promised commitment system, the provincial health and family planning departments to develop appropriate measures in the post-supervision and supervision.
Eight, all levels of health and family planning departments to fully clean up the relevant documents or norms exist in a variety of unnecessary proof. Cancellation of medical institutions to apply for medical advertising submitted by the "medical institutions practice permit" copy stamped with health officials administrative seal, to seal the applicant seal. To carry out social office medical institutions need to issue a certificate of proof of the relevant materials to clean up the work to eliminate follow-up supervision.
Nine, to promote information sharing and commitment to the service, for the people to do business convenience. The cancellation of the rural part of the family planning family gifts submitted by the applicant to submit the relevant proof of evidence, the abolition of the western region, "Shao Sheng Kuai Fu" project applicant birth history, the implementation of long-term contraceptive measures and other related materials, the relevant information by the Health and Welfare Administration Inspection of hygiene and hygiene information system. Do a good job floating population marriage and marriage information inquiry, to promote information sharing, abolition of paper marriage and marriage proof.
10, health care departments at all levels to strengthen the ex post facto supervision, and comprehensively promote the national health care system "double random one public" work. In the national supervision and sampling work in the full use of "double random one public" approach, so that "two full coverage", that covers 31 provinces across the country, covering all aspects of health supervision and law enforcement work. According to the work of 2017, the newly revised "Regulations on the Administration of Vaccination and Vaccination of Vaccines", the use of antimicrobial agents and the detection of blood bank nucleic acid were carried out using the "double random and open" approach.
China's medical market structure has undergone major changes
August 10, the National Health and Health Committee on the "discharge service" related to the progress of the work held a regular conference, the State Health Health Commission Deputy Director of the Legal Department Gong Xiangguang introduced as of the end of April 2017, the national social office medical institutions have 44.4 Million, accounting for 45% of the total number of medical institutions; community hospitals have 16,900, accounting for 57.2% of the total number of hospitals. Since 2011, the number of public hospitals has been flat, and the number of social hospitals has increased by 100%.
The State Council health care field "tube service" reform has also achieved some success:
First, the development of the "medical institutions to set the guiding principles of planning (2016 - 2020)", in accordance with a certain proportion of social reserve beds and large equipment and other resources allocation space. In line with the total planning and structure of the premise, the abolition of the number of social institutions and the number of medical institutions restrictions.
Second, to encourage through technical support, personnel training, etc., to attract social office medical institutions to join. The cumulative support of the community to create a national clinical key specialist projects 28, the project funding 140 million yuan, the provincial and municipal level of key specialist projects also have the appropriate funds to support social work. In the new rural cooperative sentiment, the requirements of the social conditions will be included in the fixed-point scope, and public health care institutions equal treatment.
Third, the abolition of "due diligence or unpaid leave of the medical staff may not apply for the establishment of medical institutions" restrictions; increase medical laboratory, pathological diagnosis center, medical imaging diagnostic center, hemodialysis center, Type of medical institutions that are set independently.
Fourth, the establishment of physician regional registration system, and further promote the orderly flow of medical resources and scientific allocation. At present, there are a total of 66,000 physicians in the country more than practicing, of which 69.6% of the medical treatment to the community.
Fifth, the full implementation of the electronic registration management reform, around the electronic registration management reform as a breakthrough, for the community medical practitioners, doctors practice more open up the approval of the "last mile."

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