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Liu Yandong: Deepening the Reform of Health and Wellness and Creating a New Situation of Healthy China Construction


Health is the foundation of people's happiness and social development, is the people of the people's common pursuit of a better life. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core has made a decision-making plan to promote the construction of healthy China from the overall layout of "five in one" and the "four comprehensive" strategic layout. In 2016, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council held the first national health and health conference since the new century. General Secretary Xi Jinping delivered an important speech. Subsequently, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council promulgated and implemented the "Plan for Healthy China 2030" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan"), and outlined the blueprint for creating a healthy China. This is an important milestone in the development of health and health in China. It is of great practical significance and far-reaching historical significance to comprehensively enhance the healthy quality of the Chinese nation and achieve the goal of "two hundred years". All localities and departments should seriously study and implement the new concept of health and health of the new concept of new ideas and new strategies, in-depth implementation of the national health and health conference spirit, solid work, work hard to promote the Party Central Committee, the State Council decision-making landing ground , To build a healthy China and work hard.

First, accurately grasp the new situation, and further enhance the health of China to build a sense of responsibility and sense of urgency

The party and the government have always attached great importance to the protection of people's health. After the founding of new China, vigorously develop the cause of medicine and health, adhere to the focus on rural areas, the creation of urban and rural tertiary health care service network, rural cooperative medical care, barefoot doctors with Chinese characteristics such as primary health care system, Root needle, a grass "simple test Lian unique advantages, and effectively solve the problem of medical treatment of the masses. At the same time, "the development of sports, enhance people's physique" for the purpose of a wide range of mass sports fitness campaign, to play its role in promoting health. Under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, relying on the broad masses of medical personnel to work hard to rely on the broad masses of the people vigorous patriotic health movement to "paper boat candle burning day" boldness, and quickly improve the people's health level, East Asia sick man "hat, the World Health Organization as a" model of developing countries ", the Chinese nation began to stand in a strong attitude in the world of national forest.

Since the reform and opening up, China's health and health cause to accelerate development, has made remarkable achievements of the world. In 2009, on the basis of summing up the experience of fighting SARS, the implementation of a new round of medical and health system reform, clear the basic, strong grassroots level, the basic principles of the mechanism and the realization of the basic medical and health services for all goals. In particular, since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), Comrade Xi Jinping, as the core of the Party Central Committee, faced with the new features of deepening reform and the new expectations of the masses, put forward the people-centered development thought, and safeguarding people's health The implementation of a series of Lee, the benefits of long-term major initiatives to promote the reform of the medical and health system from easy to difficult to gradually break through the footsteps of the pace of steady and deepening, and achieved a good grasp of the overall situation, the system, Significant stage of the effectiveness of China's health and health career development on a new level.

First, weaving the world's largest national basic health insurance network. We have started from the basic insurance system, improve the system of health insurance for urban workers, expand the coverage of new rural cooperative medical insurance and urban residents, establish a serious illness insurance system, emergency treatment system, improve the medical assistance system, forming a coverage of urban and rural areas, mutual convergence, multi-level basic medical Security network. Urban and rural residents insured rate stability in more than 95%, a substantial increase in the level of protection, government subsidies from 2009 to 80 yuan per person per year increased to 2050 450 yuan, residents living expenses within the scope of the proportion of reimbursement steadily People have a doctor to provide a solid system of protection.

Second, improve the coverage of urban and rural health service system. We have started from the strong grassroots level to strengthen the rural three basic medical and health service network and urban community health service center construction, the full implementation of the national basic drug system, deepen the comprehensive reform of primary health care institutions to speed up the cultivation of general practitioners, , So that more urban and rural residents have a family doctor. We will start a comprehensive reform of the public hospitals at the county level, push out the pilot projects of public hospitals reform, and explore the establishment of a new mechanism for maintaining public welfare, mobilizing enthusiasm and ensuring sustainable operation. And actively promote the social forces of medical treatment, the proportion of private hospitals accounted for the proportion of the total has more than 56%, the pattern of multi-drug formation, the masses of diversified, diversified health needs continue to be met.

The third is to build a strict public health security control barrier. We adhere to the prevention of the main, to strengthen the emergency response to public health emergencies, built the world's largest infectious disease epidemic and sudden public health incident monitoring network, set up a combination of war, rapid response, Control team, can effectively deal with all kinds of major unexpected epidemic, in particular, withstood the prevention and control of Ebola hemorrhagic fever in 2015, a severe epidemic of the severe test, to achieve the domestic "strict control, zero input" and aid non-epidemic "Win the battle, zero infection" double victory. China's overall strength of public health and disease prevention and control ability on a big step, the level of health emergency rescue in the forefront of the world.

Four is to enhance the health and well-being of the people. We put the people as a health and health career as the ultimate goal of development, efforts to make people have more health to get a sense. Residents pay attention to medical treatment significantly reduced, personal health expenditure accounted for the proportion of total health costs fell below 30%, the lowest level for nearly 20 years. The level of equalization of basic public health services has been significantly improved, free of charge to urban and rural residents to provide 12 kinds of national basic public health services, financial investment in 2009 from 15 yuan per capita to 50 yuan this year, major public health services to benefit millions of families. The full implementation of the two children policy and its supporting measures, and strive to protect every family was born, born well. China's per capita life expectancy increased from 74.8 years in 2009 to 76.3 years in 2015, maternal mortality rate from 31.9 / 10 million to 20.1 / 10 million, infant mortality rate from 13.8 ‰ down to 8.1 ‰. The main health indicators of residents are superior to the average level of middle and high income countries and realize the Millennium Development Goals in advance. This is about 8 years time to less than 500 US dollars per capita expenses obtained, fully embodies the superiority of China's basic medical and health system.

In short, the party's eighteen years since the five years, is China's health and health business investment efforts, the development of fast, the people get more benefits, unprecedented influence at home and abroad to enhance the period of health and health is another development In the golden period, especially the CPC Central Committee and the State Council carried out fruitful theoretical innovation, system innovation and practice innovation, introduced a series of landmark new policy and new measures to initially set up to protect everyone access to basic medical and health services system framework, Basically built with the level of economic and social development to adapt to the health and health development policy system, to promote healthy China has laid a solid foundation. World Bank, World Health Organization and other international organizations that China at an unprecedented rate, only half of the time rich countries to achieve universal health coverage, the achievements of eye-catching. Practice has proved that China's health and health reform and development of the basic direction, the overall thinking and major initiatives are correct, the effect is significant, effectively protect and improve the people's livelihood, and promote economic development and social equity. In the medical reform of the global problems, and gradually explore the Chinese-style solution. These are important parts of China's reform and opening up and the great achievements of socialist modernization. Results are hard to come by, should cherish.

"Life between heaven and earth, long road with insurance Yi." It is clear that there is still a lot of difficulties and challenges in our development of a large developing country with more than 1.3 billion population and a healthy way to build a healthy China. In particular, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council put forward new proposals for the reform and development of health and health The people's health services have a higher and higher expectations, medical and health fields are undergoing profound changes, need to understand the overall situation, grasp the construction of a new situation facing China's health.

Promoting Healthy China Construction is a major decision to achieve national development strategy. We are struggling to realize the goal of "two hundred years", building a socialist modern country and realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Health dream is an important part of the Chinese dream, especially in 2020, the goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way, to establish a basic medical and health system covering the whole people and the expected life expectancy of the people on the basis of the original increase of 1 year as an important indicator. To achieve these goals are faced with multiple factors intertwined superposition of the complex situation, industrialization, urbanization, population aging continue to accelerate, disease spectrum, ecological environment, lifestyle changes. China's population over the age of 60 has reached 230 million, 2030 will reach 370 million, 2050 will reach 487 million, population aging not only bring maintenance problems, but also bring medical, care, spiritual life and other aspects of health problems. More than 250 million hypertensive patients in China, more than 97 million patients with diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, cancer and other chronic non-communicable diseases caused by the death of the total number of deaths accounted for about 85% of the people's health as the first "killer." We are also facing the serious situation of ecological pollution and destruction of the environment, food and drug safety, drinking water safety, occupational safety risks still exist, coal mines, transportation and other areas of safety accidents have occurred, which are a serious threat to the health of the people, Take decisive and effective measures, more active and effective to be resolved.

Advancing Healthy China is an urgent task for our party to strive to meet the people's health. On the one hand, with the economic and social development and the continuous improvement of people's income level, the popularization of the concept of people's health and health awareness, pay more attention to quality of life and health and safety, not only to see the disease, see the disease, Not to be sick, less sick, more comfortable to see a doctor, the service more considerate, the government to protect people's health, to provide basic health and health services to higher expectations, multi-level, diversified health needs continue to release. In 2016, the total number of medical institutions in the country was close to 8 billion, an increase of 63% from the 4.9 billion people in 2009. On the other hand, some people on the limitations of medicine, complexity, lack of risk awareness, there is no sense of health management is not strong, the doctor is expected to be too high and so on. Due to a variety of reasons, doctors and patients disputes have occurred, affecting the development of China's medical and health undertakings, but also affect the social harmony and stability. Health problems are not only a matter of great livelihood, but also a major social problem and a political issue.

Promote healthy China 's construction is to deepen the medical reform, promote health and health of the coordinated development of the inherent requirements. China's health and health areas are faced with the old problems and new situation superposition, development issues and reform tasks intertwined, consolidate the reform results and expand the new areas of reform and the complexity of the complex situation. Medical and health development there are still many short board, the supply of low quality of service, the total amount of resources, resource allocation is unreasonable, uneven staff structure, grass-roots service capacity is weak, the development of old and poor border areas. Deepen the medical reform into the deep water and attack period, touch more deep-level contradictions and problems, are facing more difficult to bite the "hard bone." Public hospital profit-taking mechanism has not yet eliminated, large prescription, over-inspection and other issues still exist. Urban and rural residents health insurance financing standards are low, health insurance in the control costs, play an effective incentive for medical behavior constraints need to be improved. Drug circulation order is not standardized, drug prices are high problem prominent. We must adhere to the problem-oriented, face challenges, dare to play, go all out to crack these problems.

Promoting health China is an inevitable requirement to adapt to global health governance and better fulfill its international responsibilities. The global health and health system is in an important period of development and change. The United Nations 2030 sustainable development agenda, putting health in a more prominent position. Countries in the world are actively promoting health and health reform, many countries have to develop health planning to ensure that national health and economic development simultaneously improve. In addition, as the process of globalization accelerates, infectious diseases, bioterrorism, antibiotic resistance and other cross-national public security threats become increasingly serious. In recent years, in some countries the outbreak of Ebola haemorrhagic fever, the Middle East respiratory syndrome and other emerging infectious diseases has become a common national response to major public health problems. Also see that the global health development of the imbalance, inequality is more prominent. Health is a common cause of mankind, the common responsibility of the international community, we should actively take the initiative to promote global health and health management reform, to promote the establishment of a more just and reasonable new international health order.

In short, health and health reform and development to tackle the difficult times, but also face a new chapter opened a major opportunity. There are strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, the superiority of the socialist system, the continuous improvement of the comprehensive national strength, the solid foundation for the reform and development of the health and health undertakings over the years. As long as we unite as one, Seize the opportunity, break through the break, it will be able to build a healthy blue sky into a reality.

Second, to further cohesion and consensus, scientific grasp to promote the construction of healthy China's basic ideas and requirements

Promoting the construction of healthy China is a major task of building a well - off society in an all - round way and realizing the socialist modernization. Xi Jinping general secretary series of important speeches and important speech delivered at the National Health and Health Conference, for the construction of healthy China pointed out the direction to provide a follow. We must profoundly learn to understand the general secretary of Xi Jinping series of important speech and the new concept of governance new ideas and new ideas, accurate understanding and profound grasp of health and health to promote the reform and development of the direction and ideas.

First, adhere to the people's health on the strategic position of priority development. The Fifth Plenary Session of the Eighth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China put forward the idea of "people-centered development" to promote the well-being of the people and promote the all-round development of human beings as the starting point and the foothold of development. Health is the starting point of happiness in life, one of the health is the conduct of the people, the health of the people is the foundation of the founding. To promote the construction of healthy China, we must put the basic health rights and interests of the people in the first place, in accordance with the participation of everyone, everyone try, everyone to enjoy the requirements and make more effective institutional arrangements, it is necessary to protect the basic health rights of the people, Adhere to the livelihood of the bottom line, and enhance the fairness and universal public health, but also to stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of hundreds of millions of people to enhance the quality and level of health, health and health reform and development of new results more reflected in the Enhance people's health and well-being.

Second, adhere to the correct health and health work policy. Health and health work policy is our party in all historical periods, a comprehensive health and health work to do an important guiding ideology. At the beginning of the founding of new China, the primary task of health work is to prevent and eliminate the major infectious diseases that threaten the health of the people. The party and the government put forward the "combination of workers, peasants and soldiers, prevention, unity of Chinese and Western medicine, health work and mass movement" The policy. In 1996, to meet the requirements of reform and opening up, our party put forward the "focus on the rural areas, prevention, both Chinese and Western medicine, relying on science and technology and education, mobilize the whole society to participate in the health services for the socialist modernization services" Policy, efforts to solve the rural lack of medical treatment, the overall level of development of health care industry lag, vitality is not strong and other prominent issues. The new situation and the times put forward the "grass-roots as the focus, to reform and innovation as the driving force, prevention, both Chinese and Western medicine, health will be integrated into all policies, people share and share" policy, stressed that " Focus "to" integrate health into all policies "," people build and share "and so on. The new health and health work policy not only embodies the traditional inheritance, but also enrich and expand the new connotation, is deeply summed up the experience and profound analysis of the development trend at home and abroad on the basis of the formation of innovation, coordination, Open and shared development under the guidance of the concept proposed, focused on our party to the new era of health and health development of the law. All localities and departments should put their ideas and ideas into a new policy, and constantly open up the new situation of health and healthy development of Chinese characteristics.

Third, adhere to the "big health" development concept. Health is not only the body disease-free, but also the psychological, spiritual, social health, related to medicine and health, social services, environmental construction, advocacy and other aspects, greatly beyond the traditional areas of disease prevention. Health and health development to adapt to the new requirements of the times, establish a healthy, big health concept, accelerate the transformation of health and healthy development, from the "treatment as the center" to "health as the center", highlight the prevention, Adhere to the government, society and individuals to participate in, and actively create a good ecological production and living environment, promote health policy into the overall situation, health services throughout the whole, health and welfare benefits the whole people.

Fourth, adhere to the health and health cause of public welfare. "Life is the most important, there are thousands of dollars." The most precious thing is life. Health and health cause of each person's lives and the safety of millions of households well-being, bear the medical treatment, the glorious mission of protecting the life, is a noble and special great cause. In the new period, adhere to the cause of health and health public welfare, is our party wholeheartedly serve the people a concrete manifestation of the purpose of the basic medical and health system as a public product to the people to provide specific practice. We must unswervingly put the public welfare in the basic health care business on the banner, firmly hold the bottom line, through the whole process of reform and development.

Fifth, insist on the basic principle of making up the basic pocket. Health and health needs are basic and non-essential. Development of health and health, the Government's main responsibility is to protect the basic needs of good, the bottom line to give people to ensure that everyone has basic medical security, basic medical services and public health services. At present, there are still more than 85 million people in China, nearly 40 million disabled elderly, more than 55 million poor people, due to poor poverty and poverty accounted for a small proportion. These are the "short board" of the development of health and wellness, and we should make greater efforts to accelerate the basic and critical reforms, weave the basic health and health services at the bottom line, and strive to make the social fair and the development of the sun Shine on everyone.

Sixth, adhere to the reform and innovation as the fundamental driving force. Reform and innovation is to lead the cause of health and health to achieve a new leap forward, with Chinese-style approach to solve the medical reform of this world problem source. At present, China's health and health resources shortage, the configuration structure is still imbalanced, high-quality resources are mostly concentrated in the big city hospitals, many high-end medical equipment, high-value medical supplies and drugs heavily dependent on imports. To solve these problems, we must innovate the institutional mechanism, correctly handle the relationship between the government and the market, vigorously promote the health and health aspects of the supply side of the structural reform, with the reform approach to promote structural adjustment, enhance the ability to innovate, and appropriate introduction of market competition mechanism, Improve the adaptability and flexibility of changing health supply needs, and provide higher quality, more general and more efficient health services to the people.

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