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  • Name: Orthopaedic Casting Bandages

According to the different composition of the base fabric, divided into polyester polymer bandage and glass fiber polymer bandage

Color:Whith,Green,Blue,Pink,Black and so on.

Curing time: 2 minutes to 5 minutes

Standard sizes: 5cm×3.6m, 7.5cm×3.6m,,10cm×3.6m,12.5cm×3.6m,15cm×3.6m

Features:Compared to the traditional gypsum bandage, the highlight of the polymer bandage is light weight, is conducive to the patient's postoperative rehabilitation exercise. Polymer bandages easier to penetrate the X-ray, is conducive to patient postoperative review, close tracking of the wound recovery. At the same time the polymer bandage curing time faster, higher strength after curing, more stable. Is a new alternative to the traditional plaster bandage, has been widely used in hospitals.

Note:According to customer requirements, customized various sizes.

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