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  • Name: Non-woven Cohesive Bandages

According to the different fabric: Non-woven Cohesive Bandages and 100% Cotton Cohesive Bandages

Color:White,Skin, Blue,Yellow,Red,Black,Green,Pink and so on.

Glue: According to whether the latex, can be divided into natural rubber and synthetic rubber

Standard sizes:2.5cm×4.5m ,5cm×4.5m, 7.5cm×4.5m, 10cm×4.5m,15cm×4.5m


1) Self-adhesive, non-stick skin and hair

2) Viscous stable and reliable, easy to slip off

3) Easy to dress, can conform to the contours of the human body, is conducive to postoperative recovery.

4) Soft and comfortable, is the traditional gauze bandage, elastic bandage of the new single product

Note:According to customer requirements, customized various sizes.

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