The company is guided by the quality policy of "quality and reputation are life, always responsible for the brand, and satisfying customers". It has first passed the ISO13485 professional medical device system certification recognized by the European Union and registered with the FDA in the United States. The company's main products include: elastic bandages, gauze bandages, gypsum bandages, gypsum pads, tubular bandages, self-adhesive bandages, gauze and gauze products, medical dressings such as cotton rolls, cotton balls, and tape. The product specifications are complete and the designs are diverse. Advanced production processes, comprehensive testing methods, and scientific management systems have enabled our products to be exported to countries and regions such as Europe, America, Southeast Asia, and Australia, and have gained a high reputation in the international market.


In the domestic market, the sanitary bandage with the "LUCKY" trademark has been recognized as the "Huzhou City Trademark" for many consecutive years, and Jixiang Company has been rated as a "trustworthy enterprise", "AAA level contract abiding and trustworthy unit", and so on.


 Youth, innovation, and vitality are the characteristics of Jixiang Company. While foreign trade enterprises are increasingly facing huge challenges in the international market, the company constantly changes its business strategy, expands emerging markets, deepens product development, expands product range, and becomes a more professional and stronger dressings manufacturer. In the new market situation, we will strike hard to meet market challenges.