Experience sharing in the intelligent construction of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University

The continuous deepening of the new medical reform has made it an objective need to promote the construction process of smart hospitals. As the first hospital affiliated with Zhejiang University (hereinafter referred to as "Zhejiang University First Hospital") in the world to pass the sixth edition JCI evaluation with high scores and receive a donation of 560 million from Jack Ma, it continuously promotes the implementation and application of "medical+internet" in the entire medical service process through innovative models.

The informatization construction of Zhejiang University First Hospital can be traced back to 1987. It has been 30 years since the start of informatization construction to the current construction of "Zhejiang First Smart Hospital". 2017 China Medical Equipment AssociationDigital healthcareDuring the annual meeting of the branch and the academic exchange meeting of the "Internet and New Healthcare" summit, Qiu Yunqing, Vice President of the First Hospital of Zhejiang University, shared the construction experience of the "Zhejiang First Smart Hospital" from multiple dimensions.


Smart healthcare:The first public tertiary level upper courtyard district in China

On May 8, 2016, a patient in the First Hospital of Zhejiang University donated a heart for free, completing the first nationwide transfer of human organ through the Internet to build a green channel, and realizing the sharing of medical resources. In recent years, the development of artificial intelligence medicine has been continuously increasing both domestically and internationally. Zhejiang University First Hospital has integrated multiple imaging examination methods, conducted computer digital analysis, and established an artificial intelligence imaging accurate diagnosis system for liver, gallbladder, and pancreatic tumors, avoiding the drawbacks of strong subjectivity and inconsistent standards in traditional imaging diagnosis. Qiu Yunqing stated that the current exploration and practice of artificial intelligence by Zhejiang University First Institute mainly includes the following aspects:

Firstly, artificial intelligence clinical assisted diagnosis.By using a multidisciplinary consultation center and Watson artificial intelligence assisted diagnosis and treatment, we can achieve internet cloud services.

Secondly, artificial intelligence ultrasound diagnosis.Obtaining ultrasound DICOM images, through scientific algorithms, accumulation of ultrasound images, and continuous optimization, enables artificial intelligence to have high-precision intelligent diagnostic capabilities for intelligent screening and diagnosis of patients' ultrasound images.

Thirdly, assisted diagnosis based on medical imagingBig dataanalysis.Deep mining of medical image databases, rapid analysis of medical image images, accurate extraction of image features, and ultimately construction of a medical image assisted diagnostic cloud.

Fourthly, regularly conduct remote MDT consultations between China and the United States.The hospital regularly conducts monthly remote MDT consultations between China and the United States, continuously improving the remote medical service platform, and conducting consultations for difficult and complex cases across hemispheres.

Fifth, independently develop the country's first MDT information management software.The hospital has been designing MDT information management software since 2014, and has achieved hospital wide MDT information and resource sharing since 2016. Its independently developed MDT information management software, the first in China, was granted computer software copyright by the National Copyright Administration last year.

Sixth, a two-way referral platform.Patients can easily achieve one click quick referral and card free check-in through the three steps of "application, pre collection, and SMS check-in".

Seventh, build the first public tertiary level upper courtyard district in China.On February 16, 2016, the first online hospital district of a public tertiary hospital in China was established. At the same time, seven new online platforms were added this year to help improve the medical service action plan. The Planning and Information Department of the National Health and Family Planning Commission and the US Institute of Health Data have also highly praised and affirmed the Zhejiang First Line Upper Hospital.

Smart research: Clinical research integrated closed-loop transformation service platform

Zhejiang First Hospital is a tertiary A comprehensive hospital, which is the largest medical teaching and research guidance center in Zhejiang Province. It also plays an important guiding role in the construction of smart research. The hospital has built an integrated closed-loop transformation service platform for clinical research, enablingmedical informatizationThe system has achieved clinical data integration, clinical research platform landing, modeling data analysis, decision support, and information feedback, forming a closed-loop service management.

In addition, the First Hospital of Zhejiang University is also exploring ways to learn and build a fully structured single disease database.

Smart Services: Reconstructing Patient Care Models

A new model is subverting traditional medicine. Under this model, the medical service order will be reconstructed, high-quality medical resources will break through regional distribution restrictions, and resources will be reconfigured in the form of network data - this is "Internet plus medicine". Qiu Yunqing stated that Zhejiang University First Hospital provides convenient self-service for patients through the deep integration of the Internet of Things and the Internet; At the same time, the online payment of hospitals has also been welcomed. As of now, the cumulative number of patients served has reached 720000, further optimizing the outpatient process and facilitating patients' medical treatment.

In April of this year, the intelligent robot "Tangbao" was put into use in the First Hospital of Zhejiang University, assisting nurses at the outpatient hall's medical guidance desk to carry out medical guidance work. Currently, "Tangbao" has various skills such as inquiry, human-machine dialogue, and intelligent guidance.

In addition, Zheyi Internet Hospital has also established a chronic disease management center, which provides patients with monitoring and management of hypertension, monitoring and management of chronic heart failure patients after instrument treatment, remote cardiac ultrasound collaborative diagnosis of difficult cases, patient self-learning and nursing education management, monitoring and management of pacemaker implantation surgery, postoperative rehabilitation treatment management, and monitoring and management of patients after real estate radiofrequency ablation surgery Comprehensive patient home management, including eight modules for monitoring and management after coronary heart disease stent implantation.

Smart Management: Group Hospital Data Center

In the construction process of Zhejiang University Smart Hospital, the hospital has built a group hospital data center, which can understand the work situation of hospital informatization from the dean, department heads, doctors and nurses, medical record statistics, to medical administration management, ultimately improving the refined management of the entire hospital. Since July 2013, the basic monitoring indicators of medical operations in the entire hospital have been sent to hospital leaders and functional department directors through daily real-time SMS.

In addition, the hospital also implements "double sinking" doctor information supervision, conducts key assessments on key indicators, enhances the work enthusiasm of grassroots doctors, fully explores their own potential, and ultimately promotes two-way referral and graded diagnosis and treatment work, truly achieving "double sinking".

May the cloud sail reach three thousand feet and stand tall at the tide before traveling far. Zhejiang University First Hospital is steadily advancing towards the vision of becoming an international first-class medical center, constantly refreshing new legends!